Welcome to my new blog….below is my mission statement.  I hope this blog will become a place for new authors to help showcase their work, and for readers to discover a new author.

As a new author I realize that no matter how your book is if no one knows it exists. Whether you have self-published, or have gone through a traditional publisher, unless you’ve won the Pulitzer, Giller, or some other prestigious award, you will have to be the main source of your marketing to get your name out there. There are a lot of good authors out there who never realize any amount of success at all, because they think their book will sell itself…..the bad news is that it will get lost in the sea of millions of books.

I too am new to this marketing game, but I have aggressively marketed my new novel, The Map, and in the two months that it has been released I’m pleased to announce that it has surpassed what the average self-published book would sell in the lifetime of the book, and I have just begun!

In this blog I will not only discuss what I have found to work for me, but also will welcome comments from other new authors that are also striving to get their name out there, and find out what has worked for them.

I welcome you to also submit to me a blurb about your new book, along with a photo of the cover, as well as any links you may have, and I’ll be featuring a new author every week or so. Please submit to dave@newauthorreview.com . I’m presently developing a website similar to this blog that will be dedicated to showcasing the works of new authors.

I also welcome anyone visiting my blog for the first time, please feel free to find out more about both my writing, as well as myself at my website; http://map-thenovel.com or  my writing blog at;  http://wrecktek.wordpress.com/